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Browse Our Database of Makeover Games Games
Princess Barbie Facial Makeover Icon Princess Barbie Facial Makeover
3 Stars Icon
Princess Barbie will meet with friends in a cafe. But she woke up very tired this morning. Barbie needs a nice facial care and a good mafial make up. Come on, let's make her beautiful by playing princess barbie facial makeover game.
Cute Makeover Time Icon Cute Makeover Time
3 Stars Icon
This lovely girl is anticipated to provide this news in twenty minutes! Do you consider you are able to help her?
Woman Applying Make up Icon Woman Applying Make up
3 Stars Icon
This girl love make up. Add her touch to cheek, eyes, lips and more.
Punky Style Makeover Icon Punky Style Makeover
3 Stars Icon
You run a stylist shop. A pretty girl is coming in to see about a complete Punk makeover. Take your time to create the new Punk style for this lovely girl!
Tornie Girl Makeover Icon Tornie Girl Makeover
4 Stars Icon
Tornie is a little girl who loves playing whit her Makeover kit in her play time. Help her to chose the perfect Make Up style for her friend birthday.
Perfect Nail Makeover Icon Perfect Nail Makeover
3 Stars Icon
Perfect Nail Makeover is a fun and colorful manicure game. You can shape the nails to one of three different styles then choose thirty different colors to paint the nails.
Britney Spears Make Up Stylist Icon Britney Spears Make Up Stylist
3 Stars Icon
Briteny Spears needs a new stylist, would you able to do her makeup and choose best outfit for her.
Flowers Beauty Make Up Icon Flowers Beauty Make Up
3 Stars Icon
This is a great makeover games with a lot of item such as jewelry, flowers and gems. Also, you can makeup a pretty nails too.
Beautiful Nail Design Icon Beautiful Nail Design
3 Stars Icon
Do you notice the nails and hands of models while they walk on ramp shows? In this game will cheer you up. You can bring out plenty of combination of nail color, rings, tattoos and bracelets.
Vampire Makeover Icon Vampire Makeover
3 Stars Icon
This Vampire girl wants to look beautiful for her Vampire boyfriend. Take your time on this girl and help her the best you can.
Fashionable Bride Makeover Icon Fashionable Bride Makeover
3 Stars Icon
There are many ways to obtain a fashionable wedding make up. Would you like to become a personal stylist for this pretty bride?
Selena Gomez Icon Selena Gomez
3 Stars Icon
Our famous teenage pop star Selena Gomez seems to have a very busy year, she has to come out with a new album, a show ending, and a few new movies where she is going to star in! Also this weekend she is going to a All star metting, where she must look beautiful. Find her some nice accessories, makeup and of course a stylish hairstyle.
Office Girl Gets A Makeover Icon Office Girl Gets A Makeover
3 Stars Icon
Office Girl Gets A Makeover is an awesome makeover game in which you get to show off all your skills as a stylist and fashion artist. As soon as you start the game you will have a large range of items to use, simply go through everything 1 item at a time to find the best looking items, then put them together to make this girl look like the best looking office girl out there!
Pedicure Art Studio Icon Pedicure Art Studio
3 Stars Icon
Do you need some holidays soon? A stop by the pedicure art salon is required! They are two options in this game which are the challenge and the free mode. Just enjoy!
Selena Gomez Red Carpet Styling Icon Selena Gomez Red Carpet Styling
3 Stars Icon
Selena Gomez the young celebrity is in need of a last minute makeover before she hits the red carpet. Use all the different options to make Miss Gomez look absolutely stunning. Her regular stylist has not turned up for today's events. Prove to Miss Gomez that you are just as good as the professionals. Change the backgrounds to get a good contrast on the style your creating. Good luck and remember to have fun while creating an awesome style!
Snazzy Makeover Icon Snazzy Makeover
3 Stars Icon
This girl loves to get in front of her mirror to change her style each day. Her brightly coloured hair and styles suit her perfectly. Your options in this game can be found in the mirror. They consist of Clothes, Hair Style, Hair color, Eye color, Necklaces, Earrings, Lipstick, Eye Shadow, Nail Color and Eyelash shapes. With such a wide range of different items to to play with, the styles are only limited by your imagination!
Bunny Rock Star Icon Bunny Rock Star
3 Stars Icon
Bunny Rock star is about to take over the music industry. She has a big concert coming up and she needs to do some hardcore practicing! Help Bunny Rock star fully customize her guitar and more! Choose from different paints, straps, stickers, and prints! Don't forget, Bunny Rock star is known for having crazy out of this word guitars. After you design her guitar, you can practice with Bunny Rockstar by jamming with your keyboard!!
Nail Saloon Challenge Icon Nail Saloon Challenge
3 Stars Icon
This cute game has 2 mode of play. You can do a normal makeover of your nail and you can also have a challenge mode. This mode is awesome be sure to play it.
Floral Fashion Makeover Icon Floral Fashion Makeover
3 Stars Icon
This spring, flowery patterns and strong colors are back in fashion. No color is forbidden in terms of eye make up and lips! And in case you were planning a radical change in your appearance, here's your chance to have a go. Have fun dying these girl's hair in lovely nuances of red, turquoise or green, make her up in a fashionable manner and assort everything with some cute accessories.
Sea nails Icon Sea nails
3 Stars Icon
Decorate your nails with unique shells, corals and pearls. Imagine you are a mermaid underwater and you are going to your favorite underwater salon. What kind of sea creatures and things would you like to put on your nails? Under the sea!!
Fantasy Girl Makeover Icon Fantasy Girl Makeover
3 Stars Icon
Got the knock to visualize the fantasy makeover? Here's a fantasy girl to have fun playing with. Make a perfect look for this girl. Use mouse to play the game.
Beach Sandal Manicure Icon Beach Sandal Manicure
3 Stars Icon
These lovely feet need to look their best for a beach vacation.Style these toes and feet so that they look as good as possible for some vacation fun in the sun. Do not forget your sunblock
Chinese Wedding Makeover Icon Chinese Wedding Makeover
3 Stars Icon
This game is all about a lovely Asian girl getting married. Help her choose the right outfit for the most special day of her life! Its important to take your time and go through the different items of clothing to choose the right ones that look best together. Remember this is a special day so take your time and do your best.
Valentines Cheesecake Decor Icon Valentines Cheesecake Decor
3 Stars Icon
This is the game for those fluttering hearts who are planning to treat their crushes with a cheesecake on Valentine's Day, but who don't know how to do it in the nicest possible way. Within a few minutes of playing this game, you will learn some of the most romantic and dazzling ways to decorate a cheescake and astonish your crush.
Nail Makeover Time Icon Nail Makeover Time
3 Stars Icon
Running your own manicure shop is not an easy task, especially when every manicure shop pretty much does the same thing! Today its your job to figure out a new style, mix and match the colors and artistic items until you find the new trend that everyone wants. Take your time and use your creative side to make the next big thing.
Fabulous Nails Icon Fabulous Nails
3 Stars Icon
Your shop does the coolest nail makeovers in town. Today you have a special client that will be on TV showing off her new fashion accessories. Help this special client get the makeover for her nails she deserves. Take your time so you do an excellent job.
Fabulous Feet Icon Fabulous Feet
3 Stars Icon
This foot model will be showing off some new shoes at a photo shoot later on today. Use your awesome makeover skills and create your work of art on her feet. Making her feet look perfect will be exactly what the photographers are looking for as well as the fashion companies.
Jessica Alba Celebrity Makeover Icon Jessica Alba Celebrity Makeover
3 Stars Icon
The movie career of Jessica Alba isn't on par with her incredible beauty, as can be deduced from the many nominations she's gotten for the Razzie awards. In this fashion game you'll be able to dress her in an elegant way for an important occasion.
Foot Manicure 3 Icon Foot Manicure 3
3 Stars Icon
This girl has just arrived in town and heard that your store does excellent foot makeovers. Show this girl just how good you are by making her feet look as beautiful as possible. Paint her nails, choose the stickers for her nails, feet decoration and shoes. Mix and match colors and styles until you find a great combination of items.
Wild Wedding Makeover Icon Wild Wedding Makeover
3 Stars Icon
Every bride has her own style and this lovely lady wants to look fashionable. No classic bride for her, she wants to look wild, stylish and hip. Help her get ready for the wedding with the perfect hair and accessories. Take your time to mix and match the items together until you are happy with how she looks.
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