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Browse Our Database of Mario Games Games
Pixel Ninja In Mario World  Icon Pixel Ninja In Mario World
3 Stars Icon
You need to find the Ninja in the each mario picture.
Mario Fly Icon Mario Fly
3 Stars Icon
Mario will shoot Goombas while he is flying on the sky and colleting the mushroom and stars.
Mario Bros MX Icon Mario Bros MX
3 Stars Icon
Mario Brothers is the game for two players, the key is to control the bros Mario and LUigi. In order to win, you need to collect four coins. For Mario, use arrow keys to move, and ; key to jump. For Luigi, use V and B keys to move and S key to Jump.
Mario Racing Tournament Icon Mario Racing Tournament
3 Stars Icon
In this Mario brothers games, you have the choice of selecting charcters to race each ohter.
Mario Town 2 Icon Mario Town 2
3 Stars Icon
Mario Town 2 -- free online Mario Game.
Super Mario X Icon Super Mario X
3 Stars Icon
Have fun jumping on the koopa troopas, goombas, collect the coin and mushrooms.
Ultimate Mario Game Quiz Icon Ultimate Mario Game Quiz
3 Stars Icon
You said you know much about super Mario games than I do. Let is see how much you know about Mario game.
Super Smash Flash Icon Super Smash Flash
3 Stars Icon
Playing in this Gamecube remake with your favourite Nintendo and Sega characters.
Super Mario Rambo Bros Icon Super Mario Rambo Bros
3 Stars Icon
Shot the guards down before you can safely enter teh castle.
Mario Lost In Space Icon Mario Lost In Space
3 Stars Icon
In "mario lost in space game", use the arrow keys to guide marios land the platform safely.
Mario Revenge Bowser Ball 2 Icon Mario Revenge Bowser Ball 2
3 Stars Icon
Dodge the ball thrown by Bowser, the higher the score the better to win.
Mario Remix Boss Edition Icon Mario Remix Boss Edition
3 Stars Icon
In the game you need to play fast battles against several old school, and finally against Bosses.
Paper Mario World Icon Paper Mario World
3 Stars Icon
Your mission in this Mario platform action game is to complete each little level. Use arrow keys to jump and run, press space to swing your hammer and crunch the enemies.
Super Flash Mario Bros Icon Super Flash Mario Bros
3 Stars Icon
Help Super Mario get to the other side of the level.
Mario Rush Arena Icon Mario Rush Arena
3 Stars Icon
Help Mario in this little game to kill the evil Goomba and Koopa in various levels and finally defeat Bowser.
Super Mario Power Coins Icon Super Mario Power Coins
3 Stars Icon
Use your blaster to break apart the asteroids. Collect the diamonds and be careful with the security patrols.
Mario Bros In Pipe Panic Icon Mario Bros In Pipe Panic
3 Stars Icon
Super Mario Bros in the Pipe, Select either Mario or his brother Luigiuse to start. Use arrow key to move, p key to pause and un pause the game, Q to quite the game.
Super Mario Flash Version 2 Icon Super Mario Flash Version 2
3 Stars Icon
Help Mario fight through Goomba valley, Pipe city, use arrow key to control Mario.
Metal Slug In Mario World Icon Metal Slug In Mario World
3 Stars Icon
Play Metal Slug in Mrio World, Your most important goal is to defend other creatures and enemies and save your castle.
Super Mario Strikers Icon Super Mario Strikers
3 Stars Icon
Super Mario Brothers Strikers -- the soccer game. Wanna win points? Use Marios Super head to hit the soccer ball.
Super Mario Flash Halloween Version Icon Super Mario Flash Halloween Version
3 Stars Icon
Another classic Super Mario Brothers with a Halloween theme. Boooooo.
Monoliths Mario World Icon Monoliths Mario World
3 Stars Icon
Probably the most fun Super Mario flash game ever. Use SPACEBAR to access the menus. Use the arrow keys to control Mario, A to jump and S to run.
Hungry Hungry Mario Icon Hungry Hungry Mario
3 Stars Icon
Mario is hungry this time. Please Guide Hungry Mario around eating all the colored dots in the quickest time possible, jump and run.
Super Mario Sunshine 64 Icon Super Mario Sunshine 64
3 Stars Icon
Use the arrow keys to control Marios movement. Press and hold UP arrow to jump , press and hold SPACE to fly, you can fillup your fludd flyer in the pools.
Super Mushroom Mario Icon Super Mushroom Mario
3 Stars Icon
How much mushrooms you can collect, lets help Mario occomplish his job.
Mario Level 3 Icon Mario Level 3
3 Stars Icon
Dodge the bad guys and get to the end of the level to save Mario brother!
Mario Level 2 Icon Mario Level 2
3 Stars Icon
Mario brother is not longer super. They need your help. Dodge the bad guys and get to the end of the level to save Mario Brother!
Mario Castle Shoot Icon Mario Castle Shoot
3 Stars Icon
Marios castle is under danger. Buy more weapons to protect the castle.
Marios Time Attack Icon Marios Time Attack
3 Stars Icon
Princess, princess , where is the princess. Help Mario saves his princess.
Super Mario World Revived Icon Super Mario World Revived
3 Stars Icon
Mario will win his own journey by collecting coins while avoiding hits from the monster in the game.
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