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Beautiful Lady And Lovely Skirts Dress Up Icon Beautiful Lady And Lovely Skirts Dress Up
3 Stars Icon
This beautiful lady needs some help choosing the perfect skirt for her new outfit, shes going to a party tonight so the outfit needs to look fashionable and hip, all girls like to look good so make sure you choose good looking items. To make an outfit for this girl, simply go through the different items in the game menu to create the outfit for this ladys night out with her friends.
Decorate Hanah Room Icon Decorate Hanah Room
3 Stars Icon
Living colors an beautiful accessories for Hanah room here. Would you like to explore a new ambiance? Then start decorating her room applying all the ideas you have got. Use your artist skills, try to make a special place for her. She needs to feel comfortable and happy there. Good luck and have a nice time here!
Cooking Chocolate Cake Icon Cooking Chocolate Cake
3 Stars Icon
In this cooking game you will learn how to prepare a delicious chocolate cake for any anniversary. Following a simple recipe this game will turn any child into a great chef, who will ever know to prepare a quick and easy dessert for his birthday. Keep on eye on the NEXT box at the bottom of the game to always know which are the next steps you need to follow in the game. Good Luck!
Couture Dresses Icon Couture Dresses
3 Stars Icon
Felice is a beautiful model who is trying on some gowns for an event. She wants to look glamorous. Her hair, accessories and gown must be perfect!
FaceBook Girl Fashion Tips Icon FaceBook Girl Fashion Tips
3 Stars Icon
This girl loves to update her FaceBook page a lot! She wants you to make up some styles so she can place them on her new FaceBook page. If you want to help her you should take your time to go through all the different items until you find the items you like then use them to make the entire outfit. This game is great fun to design new styles, let your imagination run wild!
Dolly Dress Up Icon Dolly Dress Up
3 Stars Icon
Dolly went on vacation to her best friend, the girls planning to renew their spring wardrobe. Discover along with Dolly and her friend this beautiful place full of greenery, a relaxing oasis in which girls will have fun at the maximum. Help Dolly and her friend to pick up the most beautiful outfits!
Baby Sitting Style Icon Baby Sitting Style
3 Stars Icon
What is your Baby Sitting Style? Do you like to be dressed up or dressed down? Is it best to have a relaxed outfit or be styled to the nines? Look through all the outfit choices and pick what you would wear to babysit this cute little guy.rn
Shopping For Spring Dress Up Icon Shopping For Spring Dress Up
3 Stars Icon
You are in a very popular local shopping district that's packed with big malls and many small shops selling a large variety of fashionable clothing items. You probably know everything about fashion trends so start looking for your favorite spring things. Learn how to make the runway trends work for your shape and budget. Use your mouse to play and click the category tabs to choose the items you like the most.
Red Carpet Glamour Prom Dresses Icon Red Carpet Glamour Prom Dresses
3 Stars Icon
It is Academy Awards Ceremony. Tammy wins the Best Actress award. Before she walks on the red carpet, she needs to dress up. Now, she is selecting her prom dress. So many beautiful prom dresses, choose the best one for her. Wear the most magnificent jewelry. She is the brightest star tonight!
Runes Icon Runes
3 Stars Icon
Classical match 3 game with a difference based on mysterious magic story that gives you the opportunity to feel the power of world's saver. Wonderful adventure in the fairy tale about runes and five main elements: water, earth, fire, air and energy with fancy effects and powerful bonuses.
Smart Teddy Bear Dress Up Icon Smart Teddy Bear Dress Up
3 Stars Icon
Are you fond of teddy bears? Then you should meet Bobo, the cutest teddy bear ever! He is not only nice and fluffly, but he is also very smart and witty, Find a lovely outfit for him, a pair of classy glasses and maybe a colorful ribbon too. Turn him into a stylish teddy toy and offer him the chance to impress his firends. Enjoy!
Beautiful Ballerina Icon Beautiful Ballerina
3 Stars Icon
Bella is a beautiful ballerina. She's been practicing her dance skills for years and tonight she has a big show. She loves to twirl and dance to the music. Her costumes help her get in the mood to dance, so she's trying them all on before her big night. Help her dress up in the perfect ballerina costume.
Blossom Tree Fairy Icon Blossom Tree Fairy
3 Stars Icon
This cute fairy has decided to rest on this beautiful blossom tree after flying around for hours. The tree is so relaxing she has decided to invite her fairy friends. Help dress her up to look great before her friends get here. They will be here soon because fairies fly fast!
Bratz in Venice Icon Bratz in Venice
3 Stars Icon
Venice is always known as a city of style and fashion. This cute Bratz dream comes true as she planned to spend her spring break in Venice with her friends. Today she will do some crazy shopping with her friends before the trip. Find a perfect outfit from her wardrobe, choose a nice hairstyle, pick a prefect shoe, add some jewelry and a stylish handbag to make her look gorgeous and different from others.
Super Sushi Chef Icon Super Sushi Chef
3 Stars Icon
In this game you will be cooking your sushi specials for your customers, when a customer comes into your restaurant you should take his / her order then create the order and finally serve up the order. Try not to take too long or the customer will get angry and leave. Cooking sushi is really easy and fast if you know what your doing. If you get it wrong, try again until you learn how to play, once you the game you will have lots of fun.
Lovely Pizza Icon Lovely Pizza
4 Stars Icon
Adele is an American girl who loves traveling very much. Her big journey got her in the beautiful Italy. Here she met Alfonso, a professional chef, who will teach her the great art of making pizza. Today`s recipe is Lovely Pizza. Help Adele to be a good student so she could get only A grades. Enjoy the pizza class!
The Season Of Fall Fashion Icon The Season Of Fall Fashion
3 Stars Icon
Fall is a time of year when the leaves are orange and brown, fortunately these are not the colours of your fashion items in this game. Go through all the cool colourful items and choose the ones you like most. Once you have chosen the ones you like you can see how the whole outfit looks when you select them all. There is a large range of different items to choose from so your imagination will be the only limit in this game.
Gorgeous Gowns Bride Icon Gorgeous Gowns Bride
3 Stars Icon
Most girls love beautiful wedding dress and want to become the most elegant bride. Are you looking forwards to wearing the pretty wedding dress? Now, there is a wonderful chance to realize your dream. Here are some pure wedding dresses. They are designed by great stylist. Choose faddish hairstyle, wear pure wedding dress and bridal veil. With smart accessories, wow, the most glamorous bride is coming!
Pony Kindergarten Icon Pony Kindergarten
3 Stars Icon
In this cute simulation game, you have to manage a Pony Kindergarten! Keep the ponies happy by fulfilling their needs as fast as you can.
Wilderness Hunter Dress Up Icon Wilderness Hunter Dress Up
3 Stars Icon
This cute girl is planning a wonderful hunting trip this weekend in the exciting wilderness. Before she can go on her new adventure help her choose what clothing and accessories she should wear for the big trip. Make sure you choose carefully though as you will want her to blend in with the environment like camouflage while she's hunting.
Baby Plays With Toys Icon Baby Plays With Toys
3 Stars Icon
This is Alice a cute baby playing with toys. She is really cute and waiting to be dressed.
Shopping Spree Icon Shopping Spree
3 Stars Icon
It's shopping time! the cute lady went shopping, please help her find the items she needs. Use the mouse to find the items in the top frames. play the mini memory game between the levels and connect the dots in the second mini game
Eggless Chocolate Cake Icon Eggless Chocolate Cake
3 Stars Icon
Welcome to the annual contest of cooking! This year`s cooking theme is the egg-less dessert. You have all the ingredients you need for the cake but you don`t have much time. If you want to win the contest you should hurry up because the time will decide the winner. Have fun!
Bratz Winter Dressup Icon Bratz Winter Dressup
4 Stars Icon
This is the Last breath of winter. Bratz girl want to skate. Maybe it will be last time this winter. She need some pretty dresses before she go to this event?
Dress Up Your Veg Salad Icon Dress Up Your Veg Salad
3 Stars Icon
Today you are preparing a nicely dressed salad to go with a sumptuous meal. Vegetables and fruits are kept in the refrigerator. Move the cutting tray to the table, get the vegetables from the refrigerator one by one, and chop them into pieces. You will have to return the knife to the holder each time to fetch the vegetables. The peeler can be used for Radish and Carrot. Take care to complete these actions within the stipulated time or you loose valuable points. Complete the dressing with a little of salt, masala and lemon juice.
Chocolate Chip Cookies Icon Chocolate Chip Cookies
3 Stars Icon
Cook some good chocolate chip cookies for your mother. You will have all the ingredients to put in a bowl so make sure you make them in the good order. Have fun.
Hanging Up Laundry Girl Icon Hanging Up Laundry Girl
3 Stars Icon
Oh no, you are down to your last t-shirt! It is time to do some laundry. Good thing it is a sunny Sunday morning so you can hang your clothes outside to dry. Make sure you get it done so you have clothes to wear for the rest of the week! While you do your laundry, enjoy the beautiful weather outside and the birds chirping. =)
Fashion Around The World Icon Fashion Around The World
3 Stars Icon
Anna is a fashion designer who travels around the world in search of inspiration. So far, she managed to gather traditional outfits from 5 countries. Follow her in each of these fascinating places and discover the coolest fashions.
Fluby Icon Fluby
3 Stars Icon
A little funny cloud who needs to be guided through dangerous paths by the player. Avoid the walls and lead him safely to the goal of every level.
Fashionable And Stylish Baby Clothing Icon Fashionable And Stylish Baby Clothing
3 Stars Icon
In this fun dress up game you will be dressing up a beautiful child for a magazine photo shoot, use your skills to create a fashionable and stylish outfit for the child so the photos look great, to do this you should go through all the different items you have available then choose the bits you like most.
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