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Cute Girl In The Garden Dress Up Icon Cute Girl In The Garden Dress Up
3 Stars Icon
Dress up the flower cute girl working in her pretty garden!
Love Dating Dress Up Icon Love Dating Dress Up
3 Stars Icon
The day for a romantic date with your love! Happy Summer Dating Dress the happy couple having fun in city
Perfect Couple Dress Up Icon Perfect Couple Dress Up
3 Stars Icon
Dress Up the couple up in a good selection of suits and dresses . you can see how designer our are!
Shopping Girl Dressup Icon Shopping Girl Dressup
3 Stars Icon
Her eyes are on the move she calling you? Come to help her to choose fashion for she
Holiday Cruise Dress Up Icon Holiday Cruise Dress Up
3 Stars Icon
Holiday Cruises are a wonderful experience, such an experiance should be enjoyed looking your best. This game is all about style and fashion so lets see if you have any of that. First go through all the clothing items you have avalible and choose the ones you think are best for a cruise holiday. Put all the items together to make the awesome outfit for your holiday!
Cooking Wedding Cake Icon Cooking Wedding Cake
3 Stars Icon
Be ready to make a traditional cake but also quite delicate and modern and to do it you will have to use your cakes skills and your imagination. Chose from the left menu the ingredients and on the right side of the game you will see the result. After the cake is completely cool, then give it to the beautiful bride. Enjoy the game!
Bratz Winter Dressup Icon Bratz Winter Dressup
4 Stars Icon
This is the Last breath of winter. Bratz girl want to skate. Maybe it will be last time this winter. She need some pretty dresses before she go to this event?
How To Make Shawarma Icon How To Make Shawarma
3 Stars Icon
Are you ready to cook the best shawarma in your life? Aunci to give it away. Read the recipe carefully to see what ingredients you have to use to cook.
Roller Girl Icon Roller Girl
3 Stars Icon
The Roller skate is an activity that appeared in the pop culture. It has many health benefits because it's a good aerobic workout which often is compared to jogging.
High So Party Girl Makeover Icon High So Party Girl Makeover
3 Stars Icon
There's a big party this weekend and this cute girl is going to need a brand new look so that she can attend the party looking cute and stylish. As a professional stylist she has hired you to help her choose clothes, accessories and even hairstyles she should wear to the big party. Choose wisely as your reputation will be on the line here, many people will be expecting her to arrive looking absolutely stunning.
Dress Up Your Veg Salad Icon Dress Up Your Veg Salad
3 Stars Icon
Today you are preparing a nicely dressed salad to go with a sumptuous meal. Vegetables and fruits are kept in the refrigerator. Move the cutting tray to the table, get the vegetables from the refrigerator one by one, and chop them into pieces. You will have to return the knife to the holder each time to fetch the vegetables. The peeler can be used for Radish and Carrot. Take care to complete these actions within the stipulated time or you loose valuable points. Complete the dressing with a little of salt, masala and lemon juice.
The Busy Bakery House Icon The Busy Bakery House
3 Stars Icon
The Busy Bakery House is a fun game in which you will be controlling an entire shop, every time a customer enters your shop an order will appear above their heads, Click on the items in their order then click the customer to serve the items. Each day you will have to reach a goal, if you don't reach the goal you will find that the shop will have to close! Act quick to get them orders out so you can make the money needed to keep the shop open!
Partygirl Dress Up Icon Partygirl Dress Up
3 Stars Icon
Are you ready to party?? This beautiful girl knows everything about fashion and style but she still need your advice. Just click on the different circles, mix and match different styles and just make her fabulous. Have fun!
Pretty Girl on a Picnic Icon Pretty Girl on a Picnic
3 Stars Icon
Rosie is a pretty girl that loves the outdoors. All her friends were busy today so she decided to go on a picnic all by herself. She has lots of cute spring clothes to choose from all in adorable styles with lots of color.
Chocolate Chip Cookies Icon Chocolate Chip Cookies
3 Stars Icon
Cook some good chocolate chip cookies for your mother. You will have all the ingredients to put in a bowl so make sure you make them in the good order. Have fun.
Coffee To Go Please Icon Coffee To Go Please
3 Stars Icon
When your in a hurry and things need to get done, its important that you feel as comfortable as possible so you have 100% confidence. Use your skills to create an outfit that super comfortable yet very stylish, to do this you should take your time choosing from the wide variety of items provided in this game.
Trendy Spring Dressup Icon Trendy Spring Dressup
3 Stars Icon
Spring is in the air and the young girl is ready to get dressed for spring! Take a look some wonderful clothes from her wardrobe and make her amazing. Accessorize the dress with some jewelry and a cute hat.
High School Prom Makeover Icon High School Prom Makeover
3 Stars Icon
The most long awaited high school event known as prom has finally arrived and this cute girl needs a brand new look for the big party. Help her choose what clothes and accessories she should wear so she can look cute and stylish for prom night. Make sure you make her look beautiful so she can dance the night away with her date and dazzle him with her beauty.
Hanging Up Laundry Girl Icon Hanging Up Laundry Girl
3 Stars Icon
Oh no, you are down to your last t-shirt! It is time to do some laundry. Good thing it is a sunny Sunday morning so you can hang your clothes outside to dry. Make sure you get it done so you have clothes to wear for the rest of the week! While you do your laundry, enjoy the beautiful weather outside and the birds chirping. =)
Movie Freak Girl Icon Movie Freak Girl
3 Stars Icon
his girl really enjoys going to the movies, its now your task to help her choose an outfit. Going to the movies means you should look nice so help this girl by choosing the nicest items, put them together to make the outfit. This game needs your imagination and stylist skills to create a comfortable by stylish outfit.
The Mermaid Princess Dress Up Icon The Mermaid Princess Dress Up
3 Stars Icon
A beautiful and lovely mermaid princess is lives in the deep blue sea. She has beautiful long hair, charming eyes, and a lot of beautiful dresses.
Yummy Ice Cream 2 Icon Yummy Ice Cream 2
3 Stars Icon
Delicious ice cream is the strong temptation. Would you love to make a pretty ice cream personally? Follow me to come to this shop. Now, you can choose your favorite fruit, and try to make your ice cream good-looking. Come on ! Looking forwards to your cute yummy ice cream!
Royal Princess Dress Up Icon Royal Princess Dress Up
3 Stars Icon
This royal princess has been in dire need of a brand new look for quite some time now so she has decided to hire a makeover stylist to help her with her new look. This is where you come in, help to give her a brand new look so she can be the most stylish princess around. Make sure you give her a fabulous look though beacuse your reputation will depend on this royal makeover.
Hidden Numbers Restaurant Icon Hidden Numbers Restaurant
3 Stars Icon
Find the Hidden Numbers Restaurant pictures and have fun. Get through the levels and excel.. Wrong clicks will result in negative scores.
Water World Icon Water World
3 Stars Icon
In this skill game you have a exotic fish to control it. The aim of this game is to earn points by eating fishes that are smaller in size than your fish.
Rihanna Dressup Icon Rihanna Dressup
3 Stars Icon
Your favorite pop star, Rihanna, is going to appear on the cover of the Rolling Stone Magazine this Friday. The photo shootout will be tomorrow so she needs your help in finding some new clothes and costumes for this event.
Miley Cyrus Party Dress Up Icon Miley Cyrus Party Dress Up
3 Stars Icon
Miley Cyrus also called Hannah Montana is preparing to attend a fancy party organized by some of her famous friends. She would like to impress her beau and to look better than anybody else in the room.
Party Princess Make Up Icon Party Princess Make Up
3 Stars Icon
It's party time! Get this beautiful girl ready for a big party and make sure she gets the most gorgeous make-up.
Fashionable And Stylish Baby Clothing Icon Fashionable And Stylish Baby Clothing
3 Stars Icon
In this fun dress up game you will be dressing up a beautiful child for a magazine photo shoot, use your skills to create a fashionable and stylish outfit for the child so the photos look great, to do this you should go through all the different items you have available then choose the bits you like most.
YUM Penguins Dinner Icon YUM Penguins Dinner
3 Stars Icon
It's a beautiful day with sunshine in Antarctica and penguins are out to play in the snow. After playing a while it is now dinner time and each penguin must find their preferred food. Can you give a helping hand to these two cute penguins and catch some fish for them to eat at dinner tonight?
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