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Skateboard Girl Dress Up Icon Skateboard Girl Dress Up
3 Stars Icon
Here you are a skateboard girl, and you can do skateboard tricks better than any of the boys. Now you must dress up to look just like a star skateboarder.
Precious Moments Dress Up Icon Precious Moments Dress Up
3 Stars Icon
Surely you have dreamed about the day when you’ll get married, as every girl does, and imagine how your wedding will look like even to the smallest details. Everything has to be perfect, just the way you imagined, from decoration to the bridesmaids outfits, and to the most important piece: the wedding dress.
Breaded Veal Cutlets Icon Breaded Veal Cutlets
3 Stars Icon
Learn a new recipe for your dinner table. Breaded veal cutlets are the best solution if you want an occasional dinner party with your friends.
Chic Emo Gal Dress Up Icon Chic Emo Gal Dress Up
3 Stars Icon
lack is the new pink - and you are the new stylist for this chic emo gal.
Horse Care Apprenticeships Icon Horse Care Apprenticeships
4 Stars Icon
Sarah has a farm. She need to take horse today. She has to learn every basic elements like the feeding, water, vaccinations, grooming, brushing and shower.
Matching Fashion Clothes Icon Matching Fashion Clothes
3 Stars Icon
These girls are on the scene ready for a fashion event but all of them has white clothes and you must dress up each girl with their clothes. At the bottom you can find all the clothes. Each element apart to girl apparel and you need to dress up them correctly. Click on the bottom clothes and drag them to the correct position over the girls. Have Fun!
Fashionable Girl In Red Icon Fashionable Girl In Red
3 Stars Icon
The famous beauty known as the girl in red is back once again but there's a small problem. She cant decide what clothing and accessories she should wear to her next big appearance. Help her choose what outfits and hairstyles she should wear.
Street Punk Style Dress Up Icon Street Punk Style Dress Up
3 Stars Icon
This nonconformist girl is crazy about the punk fashion and style, in her wardrobe you'll find many extravagant punk clothes and accessories that really look perfect on her.
Flowery Spring Girl Icon Flowery Spring Girl
3 Stars Icon
Kate is in love with the new spring line at her favorite fashion shop. Her favorite type of clothing is cute dresses covered in spring flowers. Can you help her pick some pretty flowered items to wear?
Mathilda Icon Mathilda
3 Stars Icon
Mathilda is a gothic magician. She can perform both dark and light magic. Get her ready for her next magic performance.
Super Fashion Designer Icon Super Fashion Designer
3 Stars Icon
Choose colors and patterns for different types of hairs, clothes and accessories put together a fashion girl!
Super Yummy Double Brownies Icon Super Yummy Double Brownies
3 Stars Icon
Do you like Brownies, especially when they are double brownies! Learn how to cook the most delicious brownies possible. To do this you will need to follow the instructions step by step until the brownies have been completed.
Popcorn Machine Serve Icon Popcorn Machine Serve
3 Stars Icon
You have to cook some popcorn and serve your clients before they go see their movie. You have to serve soft drink, all kind of popcorn size, candy, chocolate and more.
Jeremy Clarckson Icon Jeremy Clarckson
3 Stars Icon
In this celebrity dress up game, you will have to take care of Jeremy's appearance, he is going to make a special show for this weekend.
Fruit Nails Icon Fruit Nails
3 Stars Icon
Get a nice fruit nail manicure when you go to vacation.
Fashionable Bride Makeover Icon Fashionable Bride Makeover
3 Stars Icon
There are many ways to obtain a fashionable wedding make up. Would you like to become a personal stylist for this pretty bride?
Delightful Cupcakes Icon Delightful Cupcakes
3 Stars Icon
Do you love cupcakes! They taste great. Today you have the chance to decorate some wonderful and delightful cupcakes by your own
Cat Lover Icon Cat Lover
3 Stars Icon
What a cuttie Kitty Cat! Cats have been associated with humans for many years and who cannot resists them? Find an extensive selection of dresses in this game. Have fun!
Pillow Fighting Dress Up Icon Pillow Fighting Dress Up
3 Stars Icon
This dress up game is based in a bedroom full of friends. The girls really enjoy pillow fights. Help her choose a comfortable outfit so she can beat down on her mates with the pillows.
Movieplex Frenzy Icon Movieplex Frenzy
3 Stars Icon
This is a cooking and simulation game in frenzy mode so you must be a good manager and chef to finish this. MoviePlex Frenzy is about speed and task management. Prepare sweets by taking them from top to bottom, make drinks and serve them to the clients along with other products as fast as possible to earn enough money and unlock the next level.
School Girl Stylist Icon School Girl Stylist
3 Stars Icon
This cute girl is going back to school but before she goes she is going to need a brand new and stylish look. Try to give her the look she desires so that she can impress all of her wonderful friends at school this term. Make sure you choose the best looking items as you can't let her go to school in any old outfit, she wants to make a good impression this term and its down to you to send her off looking great!
Millionaires Shortbread Icon Millionaires Shortbread
3 Stars Icon
Enter in the biggest culinary land ever. Here you have the opportunity to learn different tasty recipes to make. Today you get to learn the recipe of Millionaires Shortbread. It seems to be difficult but it`s not! You will get all the indications you need to finish the cake in very short time. If you want to make everything in a funny way, you can clock up your time and share it with your friends. Have fun!
Kitty Cat Fashion Styling Icon Kitty Cat Fashion Styling
3 Stars Icon
This pussy cat is going to be in for a treat once you finish with him, well actually it all depends on how good your skills are at fashion styling. All you have to do is make this kitty cat look the best in the street. He loves all kinds of different items so mixing and matching the items available will be key to making an outfit that suits him.
Gnomette Icon Gnomette
3 Stars Icon
Dress Gnomette up with new clothes and hats and make her the prettiest gnome out there.
Candyland Dream Icon Candyland Dream
3 Stars Icon
Have fun playing this sweet dress-up game that will take you into the fascinating candyland. Try all these pink, purple, red outfits with cute candy prints, and accessorize them with some beautiful bows, bags, earrings and necklaces.
Triplets At The Picnic Icon Triplets At The Picnic
3 Stars Icon
This happy family plan to go for a picnic along with triplets. Help the mother to collect the essential things and start the journey before time runs out. In the picnic you have to make the triplets happy other wise you will be the loser. So be alert always.
Pretty Elegant Bride Icon Pretty Elegant Bride
3 Stars Icon
Girls, come here to experience the exciting moment! Wow, beautiful wedding dress, stylish hairstyle, pretty accessories and good-looking veil. They are so attractive. Do not forget to select a bouquet of roses. Furthermore, you could even color the background, gowns, hairs and flowers. Now, your elegant bride dream has come true.
Emo Fashion Makeover Icon Emo Fashion Makeover
3 Stars Icon
The Emo fashion is a unique one at its best but everyone needs a fashionable makeover every now and then. Help to give this emo girl a complete new look so she can stick to her unique fashion sense. There will be many different types of outfits to choose from all of which will make this cute girl follow her taste in fashion.
Fancy Sailor Girl Dress Up Icon Fancy Sailor Girl Dress Up
3 Stars Icon
This beautiful sailor girl loves the ocean very much and she wants to sail around the world in her new boat. Dress her up in the navy style clothes that you like the most from her wardrobe and choose a chic hairstyle to complete her look.
My Cute Baby Icon My Cute Baby
3 Stars Icon
Dress up this adorable baby in cute little clothes and accessories and give her a toy to play with.
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