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My Perfect Bride Icon My Perfect Bride
3 Stars Icon
The wedding is near and couples could not decide on wedding dress and accessories. Our bridegroom and his friend are very upset because they cannot find the perfect dresses for their brides and you must help them. Select veil, dress and flowers so both of them are very happy and they will have beautiful weddings.
Birthday Party Decorations Icon Birthday Party Decorations
3 Stars Icon
The Party Hall needs to be decorated for your friends Birthday. Style the room just how you want so that it looks fun and inviting for your friends and your friends family. You can choose from a wide range of different items to create the theme of the party. Choose wisely so your guests will feel welcome and have a great time!
Runes Icon Runes
3 Stars Icon
Classical match 3 game with a difference based on mysterious magic story that gives you the opportunity to feel the power of world's saver. Wonderful adventure in the fairy tale about runes and five main elements: water, earth, fire, air and energy with fancy effects and powerful bonuses.
Super Truck Icon Super Truck
3 Stars Icon
You are a good truck man. Here is a freight age task. Carry the freight from a factory to the destination. In the process, you will experience some trouble. Try your best to solve the problem. You can do a good job! Come on!
Ballet Dancer Icon Ballet Dancer
3 Stars Icon
Isn't it that elegant to see a ballet dancer in movement. We hold one's breath when they execute the pointer shoes. We hope the game will tempt you to take lessons in a ballet school.
Smart Teddy Bear Dress Up Icon Smart Teddy Bear Dress Up
3 Stars Icon
Are you fond of teddy bears? Then you should meet Bobo, the cutest teddy bear ever! He is not only nice and fluffly, but he is also very smart and witty, Find a lovely outfit for him, a pair of classy glasses and maybe a colorful ribbon too. Turn him into a stylish teddy toy and offer him the chance to impress his firends. Enjoy!
Dining Hall Decor Game Icon Dining Hall Decor Game
3 Stars Icon
There are many toddlers who are eager to decorate their dining halls. However most of them are not allowed that privilege. Well, this is the game for such tiny tots. Enjoy decorating a dining room at the click of the mouse.
Kitty Cat Princess Fashion Show Icon Kitty Cat Princess Fashion Show
3 Stars Icon
This cute kitty cat princess is getting ready for a big fashion show this evening and it's all up to you to help her get ready. Choose all of her clothes, accessories and much more so that she can be the prettiest girl in the kitty cat princess fashion show. There will be a wide variety of clothes and accessories to choose from so make sure you choose what ever looks best on her.
Stylish Waitress Icon Stylish Waitress
3 Stars Icon
Do you want to enjoy a romantic candlelight dinner? It is a great idea to take your girlfriend to Honey Restaurant. It is so joyful. There is a stylish waitress to serve you well. You can choose your favorite dress style for her. OK, come on. Enjoy this romantic candlelight dinner!
Miley Cyrus Icon Miley Cyrus
3 Stars Icon
Do you watch the Hannah Montana TV series? Or maybe you have heard a wonderful song of Miley Cyrus. Either way, you must recognize this beautiful celebrity, Miley Cyrus. In this celebrity dress up game, you will have to find Miley, some cool clothes, give her some fashionable accessories and finally take care of her make up, for she is going to star in the final episode of the 4 th season of Hanna Montana, and she needs to look more than stylish, she will have to make a perfect appearance.
Park And Nature Girl Needs An Outfit Icon Park And Nature Girl Needs An Outfit
3 Stars Icon
Park And Nature Girl Needs An Outfit is an awesome game in which you will be using your skills to make this girl look as beautiful as possible. She loves to sit outside in the parks surrounded with nature, lets use this when creating her outfit. Use your skills to come up with an awesome outfit that she can use when ever she goes to the park.
Beautiful Ballerina Icon Beautiful Ballerina
3 Stars Icon
Bella is a beautiful ballerina. She's been practicing her dance skills for years and tonight she has a big show. She loves to twirl and dance to the music. Her costumes help her get in the mood to dance, so she's trying them all on before her big night. Help her dress up in the perfect ballerina costume.
Bbq Party Icon Bbq Party
3 Stars Icon
It is the perfect time for a BBQ party! Chop up some fruits, vegetable, and get some meat prepared for the grill. Make your guests some nice swish kabobs on the grill so everyone will enjoy the party even more.
Blossom Tree Fairy Icon Blossom Tree Fairy
3 Stars Icon
This cute fairy has decided to rest on this beautiful blossom tree after flying around for hours. The tree is so relaxing she has decided to invite her fairy friends. Help dress her up to look great before her friends get here. They will be here soon because fairies fly fast!
Bratz in Venice Icon Bratz in Venice
3 Stars Icon
Venice is always known as a city of style and fashion. This cute Bratz dream comes true as she planned to spend her spring break in Venice with her friends. Today she will do some crazy shopping with her friends before the trip. Find a perfect outfit from her wardrobe, choose a nice hairstyle, pick a prefect shoe, add some jewelry and a stylish handbag to make her look gorgeous and different from others.
Stone Age Couple Dress Up Icon Stone Age Couple Dress Up
3 Stars Icon
Amy and Tom are two famous actors who need to reconstitute moments from stone age. Check their wardrobe and choose for them the clothes you consider representative for this age. Good luck!
Tulip Dresses Icon Tulip Dresses
3 Stars Icon
Sophie is a beautiful model who loves tulip dresses. She loves the sleek lines and the beautiful fabrics. She's shopping for the perfect tulip dress for a date she has tonight - can you help her pick one out?
Prom Night Dress Icon Prom Night Dress
3 Stars Icon
It's time to choose a dress for your prom and as a kid this is one of the most important moment in our life. Dress Lisa as you would like to be dressed for your prom.
Super Sushi Chef Icon Super Sushi Chef
3 Stars Icon
In this game you will be cooking your sushi specials for your customers, when a customer comes into your restaurant you should take his / her order then create the order and finally serve up the order. Try not to take too long or the customer will get angry and leave. Cooking sushi is really easy and fast if you know what your doing. If you get it wrong, try again until you learn how to play, once you the game you will have lots of fun.
Sweety Waitress Dress Up Icon Sweety Waitress Dress Up
3 Stars Icon
This sweaty girl will become a new waitress for a famous restaurant. She needs to choose a fashion style dresses for her new job.
Lovely Pizza Icon Lovely Pizza
4 Stars Icon
Adele is an American girl who loves traveling very much. Her big journey got her in the beautiful Italy. Here she met Alfonso, a professional chef, who will teach her the great art of making pizza. Today`s recipe is Lovely Pizza. Help Adele to be a good student so she could get only A grades. Enjoy the pizza class!
Best Friends In High School Dress Up Icon Best Friends In High School Dress Up
3 Stars Icon
These two girls have been best friends for as long as they can remember and now that they are back in school they are going to need a new look. Give them a complete makeover so that they can stay looking cute and stylish for the term ahead which they will spend together. Keep in mind that they are best friends and they want to keep their outfits matching as much as possible.
Ruby Princess Dress Up Icon Ruby Princess Dress Up
3 Stars Icon
Ruby is a beautiful princess who lives in Europe. She is delicate and elegant and she has a great style. Her dressing room is full of wonderful clothes and jewels. Would you like to take a look? She would like to hire a stylist and we have recommanded you so you have the chance to dress her up. Try to convince her that you are the best choice for this job and impress her with your dressup skills. Make her look astonishing and you won't regret it!
Yogi Bear Icon Yogi Bear
3 Stars Icon
Yogi Bear is in town for a shooting of his new movie: Yogi Bear The Movie!!! and you are going to line up to get his signature!! What should Yogi Bear wear to his movie screening?
Surprise Party Differences Icon Surprise Party Differences
3 Stars Icon
School is over for the day and Gabi decided to stop at the toy shop in her way back home. She has no idea that her friends have prepared a big surprise for her. Back at Gabi's home, they have set up a huge surprise party, with lots of presents, balloons and even a cake. Spot out the differences in this fun game and follow Gabi's adventures in this special day.
Fur Fashion Icon Fur Fashion
3 Stars Icon
Fur Fashion always makes our girls sexy and feminine in the cold winter day. So we are very happy to share with you our newest dress game inspired from it and hope that you will enjoy!
The Season Of Fall Fashion Icon The Season Of Fall Fashion
3 Stars Icon
Fall is a time of year when the leaves are orange and brown, fortunately these are not the colours of your fashion items in this game. Go through all the cool colourful items and choose the ones you like most. Once you have chosen the ones you like you can see how the whole outfit looks when you select them all. There is a large range of different items to choose from so your imagination will be the only limit in this game.
Gorgeous Gowns Bride Icon Gorgeous Gowns Bride
3 Stars Icon
Most girls love beautiful wedding dress and want to become the most elegant bride. Are you looking forwards to wearing the pretty wedding dress? Now, there is a wonderful chance to realize your dream. Here are some pure wedding dresses. They are designed by great stylist. Choose faddish hairstyle, wear pure wedding dress and bridal veil. With smart accessories, wow, the most glamorous bride is coming!
Flower Power Dress Up Icon Flower Power Dress Up
3 Stars Icon
Help this hippie girl find a beautiful flower power outfit for this sunny day. Dress her up by choosing the clothes and accessories you like the most and give her a chic hairstyle that will complete her look.
So Geek So Chic Icon So Geek So Chic
3 Stars Icon
The western fashion is continuously going in and out of trends but its influence never disappears. The traditional western clothing includes a variety of pieces such as leather boots, the famous cowboy hats, jeans, shirts in various prints, sleeveless leather vests.
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