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Movie Freak Girl Icon Movie Freak Girl
3 Stars Icon
his girl really enjoys going to the movies, its now your task to help her choose an outfit. Going to the movies means you should look nice so help this girl by choosing the nicest items, put them together to make the outfit. This game needs your imagination and stylist skills to create a comfortable by stylish outfit.
The Mermaid Princess Dress Up Icon The Mermaid Princess Dress Up
3 Stars Icon
A beautiful and lovely mermaid princess is lives in the deep blue sea. She has beautiful long hair, charming eyes, and a lot of beautiful dresses.
Yummy Ice Cream 2 Icon Yummy Ice Cream 2
3 Stars Icon
Delicious ice cream is the strong temptation. Would you love to make a pretty ice cream personally? Follow me to come to this shop. Now, you can choose your favorite fruit, and try to make your ice cream good-looking. Come on ! Looking forwards to your cute yummy ice cream!
Royal Princess Dress Up Icon Royal Princess Dress Up
3 Stars Icon
This royal princess has been in dire need of a brand new look for quite some time now so she has decided to hire a makeover stylist to help her with her new look. This is where you come in, help to give her a brand new look so she can be the most stylish princess around. Make sure you give her a fabulous look though beacuse your reputation will depend on this royal makeover.
Hidden Numbers Restaurant Icon Hidden Numbers Restaurant
3 Stars Icon
Find the Hidden Numbers Restaurant pictures and have fun. Get through the levels and excel.. Wrong clicks will result in negative scores.
Water World Icon Water World
3 Stars Icon
In this skill game you have a exotic fish to control it. The aim of this game is to earn points by eating fishes that are smaller in size than your fish.
Fluby Icon Fluby
3 Stars Icon
A little funny cloud who needs to be guided through dangerous paths by the player. Avoid the walls and lead him safely to the goal of every level.
Rihanna Dressup Icon Rihanna Dressup
3 Stars Icon
Your favorite pop star, Rihanna, is going to appear on the cover of the Rolling Stone Magazine this Friday. The photo shootout will be tomorrow so she needs your help in finding some new clothes and costumes for this event.
Miley Cyrus Party Dress Up Icon Miley Cyrus Party Dress Up
3 Stars Icon
Miley Cyrus also called Hannah Montana is preparing to attend a fancy party organized by some of her famous friends. She would like to impress her beau and to look better than anybody else in the room.
Party Princess Make Up Icon Party Princess Make Up
3 Stars Icon
It's party time! Get this beautiful girl ready for a big party and make sure she gets the most gorgeous make-up.
Fashionable And Stylish Baby Clothing Icon Fashionable And Stylish Baby Clothing
3 Stars Icon
In this fun dress up game you will be dressing up a beautiful child for a magazine photo shoot, use your skills to create a fashionable and stylish outfit for the child so the photos look great, to do this you should go through all the different items you have available then choose the bits you like most.
Hip Hop Angel Icon Hip Hop Angel
3 Stars Icon
Its a beautiful day in the city and the sun is setting. You want to sit on the wall and enjoy the city life. You asked the cute boy next door to join you. What should you wear?
YUM Penguins Dinner Icon YUM Penguins Dinner
3 Stars Icon
It's a beautiful day with sunshine in Antarctica and penguins are out to play in the snow. After playing a while it is now dinner time and each penguin must find their preferred food. Can you give a helping hand to these two cute penguins and catch some fish for them to eat at dinner tonight?
Skateboard Girl Dress Up Icon Skateboard Girl Dress Up
3 Stars Icon
Here you are a skateboard girl, and you can do skateboard tricks better than any of the boys. Now you must dress up to look just like a star skateboarder.
Precious Moments Dress Up Icon Precious Moments Dress Up
3 Stars Icon
Surely you have dreamed about the day when you’ll get married, as every girl does, and imagine how your wedding will look like even to the smallest details. Everything has to be perfect, just the way you imagined, from decoration to the bridesmaids outfits, and to the most important piece: the wedding dress.
Chic Emo Gal Dress Up Icon Chic Emo Gal Dress Up
3 Stars Icon
lack is the new pink - and you are the new stylist for this chic emo gal.
Horse Care Apprenticeships Icon Horse Care Apprenticeships
4 Stars Icon
Sarah has a farm. She need to take horse today. She has to learn every basic elements like the feeding, water, vaccinations, grooming, brushing and shower.
Matching Fashion Clothes Icon Matching Fashion Clothes
3 Stars Icon
These girls are on the scene ready for a fashion event but all of them has white clothes and you must dress up each girl with their clothes. At the bottom you can find all the clothes. Each element apart to girl apparel and you need to dress up them correctly. Click on the bottom clothes and drag them to the correct position over the girls. Have Fun!
Fashionable Girl In Red Icon Fashionable Girl In Red
3 Stars Icon
The famous beauty known as the girl in red is back once again but there's a small problem. She cant decide what clothing and accessories she should wear to her next big appearance. Help her choose what outfits and hairstyles she should wear.
Street Punk Style Dress Up Icon Street Punk Style Dress Up
3 Stars Icon
This nonconformist girl is crazy about the punk fashion and style, in her wardrobe you'll find many extravagant punk clothes and accessories that really look perfect on her.
Flowery Spring Girl Icon Flowery Spring Girl
3 Stars Icon
Kate is in love with the new spring line at her favorite fashion shop. Her favorite type of clothing is cute dresses covered in spring flowers. Can you help her pick some pretty flowered items to wear?
Mathilda Icon Mathilda
3 Stars Icon
Mathilda is a gothic magician. She can perform both dark and light magic. Get her ready for her next magic performance.
Super Fashion Designer Icon Super Fashion Designer
3 Stars Icon
Choose colors and patterns for different types of hairs, clothes and accessories put together a fashion girl!
Popcorn Machine Serve Icon Popcorn Machine Serve
3 Stars Icon
You have to cook some popcorn and serve your clients before they go see their movie. You have to serve soft drink, all kind of popcorn size, candy, chocolate and more.
Jeremy Clarckson Icon Jeremy Clarckson
3 Stars Icon
In this celebrity dress up game, you will have to take care of Jeremy's appearance, he is going to make a special show for this weekend.
Fruit Nails Icon Fruit Nails
3 Stars Icon
Get a nice fruit nail manicure when you go to vacation.
Fashionable Bride Makeover Icon Fashionable Bride Makeover
3 Stars Icon
There are many ways to obtain a fashionable wedding make up. Would you like to become a personal stylist for this pretty bride?
Delightful Cupcakes Icon Delightful Cupcakes
3 Stars Icon
Do you love cupcakes! They taste great. Today you have the chance to decorate some wonderful and delightful cupcakes by your own
Cat Lover Icon Cat Lover
3 Stars Icon
What a cuttie Kitty Cat! Cats have been associated with humans for many years and who cannot resists them? Find an extensive selection of dresses in this game. Have fun!
Pillow Fighting Dress Up Icon Pillow Fighting Dress Up
3 Stars Icon
This dress up game is based in a bedroom full of friends. The girls really enjoy pillow fights. Help her choose a comfortable outfit so she can beat down on her mates with the pillows.
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