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Sauteed Foie Gras Icon Sauteed Foie Gras
3 Stars Icon
You should cook the sauteed foie gras this time. Sauteed foie gras is delicious served with slices of caramelized fruits, such as apples, peaches, figs, or cherries.
Alien Skater Icon Alien Skater
3 Stars Icon
This cute alien girl has picked up a great hobby from the humans on earth, skateboarding! Help her look stylish on her trip around space! Choose from a great variety of funky great clothes and accessories
Cafe Coffee Dressup Icon Cafe Coffee Dressup
3 Stars Icon
Choose the right dress and style for this cute girl while she is waiting for her boyfriend in their favorite coffee shop
Punky Style Makeover Icon Punky Style Makeover
3 Stars Icon
You run a stylist shop. A pretty girl is coming in to see about a complete Punk makeover. Take your time to create the new Punk style for this lovely girl!
Lisas Famous Fish Rolls Icon Lisas Famous Fish Rolls
3 Stars Icon
Lisa for another thrilling adventure in food preparation, cooking and serving some delicious and spicy sea food treats as you learn how to make yummy fish rolls.
Cherry Look Dress Up Icon Cherry Look Dress Up
4 Stars Icon
Rose wants to take a long walk and to relax picking flowers. She wants to wear a nice cherry themed outfit today.
Mystery In The Art Class Icon Mystery In The Art Class
3 Stars Icon
Lea is always getting all the attention in the Art Class. Lara comes up with a great idea to try and stop this from happening! Lara wants mess up all the paintings Lea does Lea can't see Lara messing up her work of arts!
Breakfast Cooking Icon Breakfast Cooking
3 Stars Icon
You need to come up with the best combination for some buttered toast, and pancakes in this breakfast game.
Colourful Room Decoration Icon Colourful Room Decoration
3 Stars Icon
Lets redecorating this new room. This room is going to be for a young person so plenty of colors and retro styles will be the way to go.
Turkey Roast Decoration Icon Turkey Roast Decoration
3 Stars Icon
If you are looking for tip how to cook a perfect Turkey, here is the right place to be. Here is some tips and tricks in how to prepare it.
Astrid Icon Astrid
3 Stars Icon
Astrid is a viking. She travels in a big viking ship with pretty dresses.
Peacock Fashion Icon Peacock Fashion
3 Stars Icon
There is a new fashion trend in town and it is called peacock fashion. Join this amazing dress up game and create a set of what you would wear if you were attending a fashion show.
Handsome Icon Handsome
3 Stars Icon
The manicures are part of little things.
Snorkeling Dive Trip Icon Snorkeling Dive Trip
3 Stars Icon
This girl has to choose her diving gear before she splashes into the ocean. Can you help her to choose what to wear?
Romantic Sunday Styles Icon Romantic Sunday Styles
3 Stars Icon
All you have to do is help this couple choose the right outfit for their romantic Sunday.
Spectacular Makeover Icon Spectacular Makeover
3 Stars Icon
Prom night has arrived,Your best friend tell you to go through all the different things you have in your wardrobe then put together an outfit that simply looks outstanding.
Beat The Summer By Staying Cool And Fashionable Icon Beat The Summer By Staying Cool And Fashionable
3 Stars Icon
This lady has asked for your help and honest personal opinions, she will need you to help her choose the right outfits for her vacations.
CD Shop Love Icon CD Shop Love
3 Stars Icon
You go shopping in a Cd Shop for your favorite music with your best dress.
Divine Pizza Icon Divine Pizza
3 Stars Icon
Cook a pizza is one of the best thing to do in a kitchen. I love to cook pizza specially when you can put everything on it.
Speedy Sushi Creation Icon Speedy Sushi Creation
3 Stars Icon
Its time to learn how to cook a new meal, this one is going to be Sushi.
Mighty Princess Dress Up Icon Mighty Princess Dress Up
4 Stars Icon
In this game you will pose as the princesses personal stylist, your task today on the royal agenda is to come up with a spectacular dress that will make her look as beautiful as possible.
Hannah Montana Dressup Icon Hannah Montana Dressup
3 Stars Icon
Hannah Montana is a true sensation when she appears in concert, so for tonight your job is to find the best outfit for her concert that is about to start.
Delicious Burger King Icon Delicious Burger King
3 Stars Icon
We will make the most delicious burger in the history. We might need your help so you should be prepared for some volunteer work because a great burger requires great people, especially you.
Sakura Icon Sakura
3 Stars Icon
Dress up Sakura from the anime Naruto! Dress her up to go to the beach, school and many other places.
Girlie Bedroom Makeover Icon Girlie Bedroom Makeover
3 Stars Icon
You have just moved into a new house and have a nice new bedroom! You must decorate it. Choose from lots of beautiful furniture, wall colors, accessories and more in this cute room makeover game.
Beach Serving Game Icon Beach Serving Game
3 Stars Icon
You came on the beach and opened a new fast food stand in order to raise some money.
Hotdog Cooking Icon Hotdog Cooking
3 Stars Icon
Your stand is selling hotdogs. Start cooking and serve some hot dogs.
Hollywood Celebrity Award Function Icon Hollywood Celebrity Award Function
3 Stars Icon
You come up with and outfit that looks great.
Breakfast in the Morning Icon Breakfast in the Morning
3 Stars Icon
Start every day eating an effective food produced by you. The eggs, the omlette, the sandwiches as well as the tea must look impeccable while dining so prepare these with your care.
The European Tour Styler Icon The European Tour Styler
3 Stars Icon
help this girl choose the right outfit for her vacation.
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